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A chronicle of the journey I am taking to become healthy.



Today I am making Taco Soup for dinner, it’s an old Weight Watchers recipe, but I use my sister-in-law’s version. It’s very cheap and it makes a lot of food. I’ll be eating on this for the next several days. I got all the can goods at Aldi’s for less than 50 cents a piece.


Taco seasoning mix

Ranch dressing seasoning mix

Stewed tomatoes (since I hate tomatoes to mask them I cut them up with a knife first)

Rotel (I use mild but I’m a wimp about heat)

Black beans

Kidney beans

Chili beans


1 lb browned hamburger (optional I didn’t have any so I didn’t use it this time)

Sour cream (optional)

Cheese (optional)

Tortilla chips (optional)


Empty cans into crock pot or large soup pot without draining, add seasoning mixes and let simmer for at least 1 hour. SO SIMPLE. Then garnish with sour cream and/or cheese, and you can use the chips like crackers. Sidenote: Check temperature after adding sour cream, might need to warm soup up in the microwave::

2016-07-17 18.40.462016-07-17 18.42.21

So the first fitness tracker I had bit the dust when I got a new phone, it wouldn’t sync to the new one. So I got another tracker, still an inexpensive one, only $20 this time but with better reviews at Best Buy and Google Play. It’s called a Misfit Flash, mine is fuschia because it was $11 cheaper for that color. It supposedly tracks your sleep as well so we’ll see how well it works.

2016-07-17 15.29.592016-07-17 15.30.04

Day 189-Journaling

July 13, 2016 by Staci | 0 comments

I started a journaling project that is supposed to be a year’s worth of prompts, one a week. I have written more than once a week, but I’m okay with that. I’ve tried journaling in the past without prompts just writing what I feel like writing and I always find it difficult what to say, so I’m hoping these prompts help. Here are the prompts that I am using A Year of Journaling: 52 Prompts from The Girl Who Loved to Write. She also has a list of reasons to journal here.

Reason 1: It gives you a chance to write what you want without worrying about grammar or syntax, it’s free writing your thoughts.

Reason 2: It helps you work through things, I mean who hasn’t done a pro-con list?

Reason 3: You can look back on it and see what was good and bad about your life. You can see how much you’ve grown.

Reason 4: Use it to jot down the cute things the kids said. Or a quote you read that really hit home. Things you want to remember.

Reason 5: And lastly there are 0 rules, you write what you want, when you want, and how you want.

I bought my journal for $4 at Wal-Mart, you don’t need anything expensive. I know the cover page is dumb, but I am no artist. That’s the best I can do, seriously only thing I can draw is hexagons (thanks Organic Chemistry).

2016-07-13 05.48.00 2016-07-13 05.48.12

Also I recently moved and the unpacking/painting process has been extremely slow and tedious. But I am please to announce that I have the first room completely unpacked. MY KITCHEN! Having all my dishes and utensils will make cooking and eating healthy so much easier! I weighed in today as well and I am down 6 pounds from my last update, which is great. I’m at 386.6 lbs, I still have a long way to go.

2016-07-12 19.49.51

I have book updates. I just finished Barbara Browning’s I’m Trying to Reach You. It was a unique read, I neither liked nor disliked it, but it had this older female character in the book who pro-ported to be the sister of the actor who voiced Bugs Bunny and she was deaf as could be, and she kept saying, “YA GOTTA SPEAK LOUDAH, MY EAHS AH SHOT!” And in all her parts were shouted and you could hear in your mind’s voice her thick New York accent. I cracked up at her sections, she was the best part of the book.

The next book for the Discourse in a Digital Age book club is Nimona by Noelle Stevenson. It’s a graphic novel and I have never actually read a graphic novel, so we’ll see if I like it our not. And for the book club the current reading is Little Bee by Chris Cleave. Staci Out! (I’ve recently watched Pitch Perfect 2, don’t judge me.)


Day 148-Back to the Drawing Board

June 2, 2016 by Staci | 0 comments

So today is June 1st, and I am back at square one, today I weighed myself at 392.6 lbs. Which is 0.2 pounds heavier than I started this journey…sigh. But I have a fitness tracker now and my new job makes me walk miles a day. I have a new simple workout plan which I started tonight. So now it’s really seriously and strictly back to the diet of eating on the edge of the grocery store. It’s going to be hard for a little bit because I still don’t have anything for the kitchen except a microwave. So I’m going to give myself a goal, everyday for the next week I’m going to post what I eat. Everything I eat no matter how bad. Hopefully knowing that I have to spread my shame on the internet will make it easier to put down the bad foods. I’m going to dive in hard with what I ate and drank today. And be forewarned I had Jack in the Box for dinner.

Breakfast-french vanilla cappucino and watermelon sour jacks 🙁 they are so deliciously addicting.

Lunch-spinach salad with low fat cheese, ranch dressing and croutons along with some cottage cheese. I bought some ramen noodles just to try and they were still just as disgusting as ever so I didn’t eat them.

2016-06-01 12.55.18

Dinner-crispy chicken ranch club, small fries, 2 tacos, mini churros and a large diet Dr. Pepper. (so maybe I haven’t been very good on the no soda thing. Last one I promise.)

I cut myself off after dinner unless I am starving so if I eat something else I’ll edit the post.

Tracker for today, 6,021 steps or 2.8 miles, not too shabby for a girl who never walked at all at her last job. Literally my lab was across the hall from my office, a long walk was down the hall to the store room.

2016-06-01 23.44.24

Here is my Week One Day One workout. I posted about it last week but I forgot to put the link to the actual webpage, sorry everyone. The blog is To Insanity and Back, they have levels 1-3, a 10 week workout plan, and a pregnancy work out plan under free workouts. Levels 1-3 are 4 weeks each, Coach Morris has them available to download as pdf’s. Level One is on my wall.

2016-06-01 19.46.39

20 jumping jacks, 10 crunches, 10 squats, and 5 push ups. I thought the push ups would be the hardest, but it was definitely the crunches.


Last week I promised I would post the next book club book which was in my car, so here it is “The Sense of an Ending” by Julian Barnes.


Day 142-Exercise

May 27, 2016 by Staci | 0 comments

I’m getting settled into my new job and my new apartment. I just got back from my first ever business trip, I went to Philadelphia. A very strange city, they have either the blandest names, like I saw a dry cleaners whose name was Dry Cleaners and a storage facility named Extra Space. I should have had some inclination about this considering their baseball team is “The Phillies”. But then they had outrageous names like Chickie and Pete’s a chain restaurant in the area, and Suds liquor store.

But I digress, today I will be talking about exercise. Everyone in America knows about the benefits of exercise so I will not list them. I bought a fitness tracker the other day and I used it for the first time today. It was originally like $60, but I got it on clearance for $30 at Walgreen’s. It has an app and it syncs to my smartphone, but I can also view my progress on the tracker. It looks like a pedometer but it’s on a 24 hour cycle so you don’t have to reset it.

2016-05-26 17.18.47 2016-05-26 22.12.44

I looked at it when I got home this evening and I was surprised with how much I walked today at work. I went to book club this evening and just walking there I recorded another 600 steps or 0.3 miles. I’m excited for my new gadget. I also found a workout I want to start, I found it on Pinterest and it’s a beginner’s workout that I can do at home with no equipment needed. I put a picture of the plan below and I will also post it to my Facebook page and I’ve already pinned it on Pinterest. I know I can’t do burpees and I’m not sure about push-ups, but it’s a start.

Level one exercise plan, snag a PDF download of this routine on my blog.:

Like I had mentioned I had book club tonight, I never got around to posting the last book we read so I’m going to have 2 for you tonight, and one pending. Sorry I know I’m slacking on my posting.

We just finished “Without you, there is no us” by Suki Kim about her time teaching English at a university in North Korea. It was an easy read and quite heart breaking knowing the hardships of North Koreans. The next book for Discourse in the Digital Age  is “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson it was written in 1992 about a virtual world inside computers, the lead character is called Hiro Protagonist, so take that as you will, but it supposedly very closely related to the cyber world we occupy today. And the next book for Schlafly book club is in my car and I forgot the title. So I will post it at a later date, probably just on the Facebook page.

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Day 100- Epic Fail

April 12, 2016 by Staci | 1 Comment

A diet is a marathon, not a sprint.

Every diet has some breaking points, mine happened when I started getting busier at work. I fell behind and then I just got too overwhelmed to start again. But today is the day, starting immediately I am back on my diet. One last diet Mountain Dew for me, back to water and tea. I will go back to Tuesday’s having a new recipe and Friday’s having a new fruit or vegetable.

2016-04-08 13.59.32

I’ve had a set back in my life recently. I lost my job, my contract ended and there was no longer a business need to keep me. So I am back on the job market, I’ve had one interview already and several contacts via phone or email. I was going to move at the end of this month, which I still will if I have a job lined up in the right area. But I am going to take a brief month long hiatus and go back down to Cape Girardeau and finish my Master’s at Southeast Missouri State.

Every time one door closes another one opens right? The interview was for a permanent position so that would be nice not having to live life by a timeline. I will also have more time to blog so hopefully I can keep up with this and get a rhythm going before I go back to work.

I recently joined a couple of book clubs at the St. Louis Public Library in the Central West End. I’m reading the first book now and it’s great reading again. Getting swept away to a new world living life through someone else’s eyes and thoughts. I forgot how much I love reading. My book clubs are on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, and on the 4th Thursday. So the posts after those meetings will include the new book I am reading. Because diet isn’t just physically it’s mentally. It’s easy to eat while watching television, it’s significantly harder to eat while holding a book. Today I was reading during lunch and I pushed my meal aside and focused on the book. I ate much slower which is what you are supposed to do to help trigger that you are full.


Wednesday’s book club is called ‘Discourse in the Digital Age’, which I thought meant like computer programming. But in the process of talking to someone from the Thursday book club I found out that it is actually a science-fiction and fantasy book club. Which is way more my speed than computers. The first book I am reading from the Discourse book club is “Nova” by Samuel R. Delany. It’s about a futuristic world of space travel and a race to gather a special element from, you guessed it a nova. Check it out here at Nova on Goodreads.


I’ll post about the Thursday book club today as well since I’m getting things caught up. For the Thursday book club we are reading ‘Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking. A Memoir of Food and Longing.’ It is by Anya Von Bremzen and I haven’t started it yet so I don’t know what it is about. This is my profile on Goodreads, feel free to add me as a friend to see what I’m reading or my ratings of books I’ve read in the past.