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Day 347-Knock Off Shepard’s Pie

December 12, 2016 by Staci | 0 comments

Tonight I made what my family always called veggie casserole, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized it’s just an easy version of Shepard’s pie.

So here’s how you make it, you take 3 cans of alphabet vegetable soup, mix in 1/2 lb of ground hamburger. Heat in a pot, and then put in a casserole dish. Make instant mashed potatoes, or the real kind, I used instant, remember easy. You put the potatoes over the veggie soup/meat mix, and then top with slices of american cheese and stick under the broiler. I was out, but I usually sprinkle a little paprika on the top.

Now tonight I used off brand soup and potatoes and I was not a fan. So next time I’ll splurge and buy Campbells and Idahoan potatoes. Little runnier than I like so it doesn’t look too good, but it tasted alright. I had another spinach salad with it.

Day 341-I’m bad at this

December 6, 2016 by Staci | 0 comments

I am doing terrible on my diet and on my blogging. But I am going to turn things around, for real this time. I’m going to start extremely slow and began by eating at home and cutting out my beloved diet soda. I actually started yesterday making cheese tortellini with alfredo sauce, a spinach salad with cheese and croutons (plus ranch of course) and garlic bread.

Then tonight I had breaded chicken with roasted potatoes and a veggie medley of yellow and green zucchini and spinach. I made the zucchini and spinach in the oven. I seasoned them with olive oil and italian seasoning, I went a little heavy on the spices (live and learn). Zucchini is a new vegetable for me since about a month ago when I tried this recipe my darling sister in law made.

Now the tough part, how much have I gained since July…. your guess is as good as mine. My scale stops at 400, but at my last doctor visit I was 413…sad face. So this is a huge journey and I think I over taxed by going to strict too fast. So here’s my new pledge:

Diet soda

Fast Food

Take Out

Eating out by myself

I want to leave the option of eating out with friends or family, I don’t want to completely limit myself. But I had a bad habit of eating out for both lunch and dinner. Which was terrible for my waist line and even worse for my wallet.

I went to Aldi’s yesterday which is a discount grocery store here in St. Louis, and I walked out with SOOO much food for 106 dollars. And a robot vacuum for $75, but shh that’s my christmas present from my parents.

Stay tuned for what’s on the menu for the rest of the week on my facebook page My Weight Loss Chronicle. Happy Tuesday!



Today I am making Taco Soup for dinner, it’s an old Weight Watchers recipe, but I use my sister-in-law’s version. It’s very cheap and it makes a lot of food. I’ll be eating on this for the next several days. I got all the can goods at Aldi’s for less than 50 cents a piece.


Taco seasoning mix

Ranch dressing seasoning mix

Stewed tomatoes (since I hate tomatoes to mask them I cut them up with a knife first)

Rotel (I use mild but I’m a wimp about heat)

Black beans

Kidney beans

Chili beans


1 lb browned hamburger (optional I didn’t have any so I didn’t use it this time)

Sour cream (optional)

Cheese (optional)

Tortilla chips (optional)


Empty cans into crock pot or large soup pot without draining, add seasoning mixes and let simmer for at least 1 hour. SO SIMPLE. Then garnish with sour cream and/or cheese, and you can use the chips like crackers. Sidenote: Check temperature after adding sour cream, might need to warm soup up in the microwave::

2016-07-17 18.40.462016-07-17 18.42.21

So the first fitness tracker I had bit the dust when I got a new phone, it wouldn’t sync to the new one. So I got another tracker, still an inexpensive one, only $20 this time but with better reviews at Best Buy and Google Play. It’s called a Misfit Flash, mine is fuschia because it was $11 cheaper for that color. It supposedly tracks your sleep as well so we’ll see how well it works.

2016-07-17 15.29.592016-07-17 15.30.04

Day Three-Chicken Herb Bake

January 5, 2016 by Staci | 1 Comment

Hey everyone!


I’m going to make a change of plans in the post layout. I think new recipes would be better to post on Tuesday and save the new fruit/veggie for Friday. Mainly because I haven’t gotten the chance to try my grapefruit yet.

So I totally spaced and did not take any pictures of my meal tonight, nor did the recipe book have a picture. So I am terribly sorry for no pictures. I thought about taking a picture of the leftovers but I thought better of it.

Tonight I made chicken and herb bake, (supposed to be creamy herb pasta bake, but I forgot the cream of chicken soup. Did not need it, delicious without it). So the cookbook I got this from is called Grandma’s Kitchen. I bought it at an Ace hardware store in Iowa. There was a little sub-store of knick-knacks and other odds and ends inside the store. And well this cookbook was one of them.

2016-01-03 13.47.14

Ingredients (according to the recipe):

Olive oil (enough to have thin coat on the bottom of the skillet)

2 to 3 boneless chicken breasts (cubed)

8 oz package of fettucine (I used linguine, but I suggest a penne or rotini since it’s baked)

1 jar spaghetti sauce

1 can diced tomatoes*

1 can cream of chicken with herbs soup**

1 cup shredded mozzarella

1/3 cup italian bread crumbs

1/3 cup grated parmesan

Saute the chicken in the olive oil  in a large skillet. Once cooked add the tomato sauce, soup*, tomatoes*, and cooked/drained pasta. Transfer to a casserole dish then sprinkle the mozzarella on top first and then top with the breadcrumbs and parmesan. Bake at 375 degrees for 35 to 45 minutes* or until golden brown and bubbly. Or so the recipe says (paraphrased of course).

I added everything into one big skillet first because I like to be kind to my father who does the dishes. If you read my first post you know I have an extreme hatred of tomatoes, so they did not go into my meal. I didn’t know cream of chicken with herbs existed, but I found it very easily at the store. That being said it is still in my pantry because I forgot to add it. My oven tends to cook things faster, but even so it was done in 15 minutes that not just my oven. So, be advised don’t set the timer and walk away, make sure to check it. I was glad I did. I also added some minced garlic to the olive oil when I cooked the chicken, just how I’ve always sauteed chicken. I don’t know exactly how much, like a tablespoon.  And the important part the things that made it healthier include reduced fat mozzarella and whole grain linguine.

Verdict: It was really delicious, and I typically don’t like marinara dishes (again tomatoes suck). Even my picky eater of a mother (worse than me), went for seconds. It will definitely be made in this house again. Maybe I’ll try it with the soup next time, I’ll put an update if I do.

Enjoy the hump day tomorrow!