A Sarcastic Chemist's Extreme Weight Loss Chronicle

A chronicle of the journey I am taking to become healthy.

Day 519-Check-In

June 3, 2017 by Staci | 0 comments

Well so much for posts on Fridays since my last two have been on Saturday. But hey it’s better than months later right, PROGRESS! So this time around I’m going to keep a more comprehensive list of my weight loss by keeping more measurements since I’m only checking in once a month. As you will see there is no weight because I am still not low enough for my scale (next month cross your fingers!)

Happy Saturday everyone Have a good day!


Day 341-I’m bad at this

December 6, 2016 by Staci | 0 comments

I am doing terrible on my diet and on my blogging. But I am going to turn things around, for real this time. I’m going to start extremely slow and began by eating at home and cutting out my beloved diet soda. I actually started yesterday making cheese tortellini with alfredo sauce, a spinach salad with cheese and croutons (plus ranch of course) and garlic bread.

Then tonight I had breaded chicken with roasted potatoes and a veggie medley of yellow and green zucchini and spinach. I made the zucchini and spinach in the oven. I seasoned them with olive oil and italian seasoning, I went a little heavy on the spices (live and learn). Zucchini is a new vegetable for me since about a month ago when I tried this recipe my darling sister in law made.

Now the tough part, how much have I gained since July…. your guess is as good as mine. My scale stops at 400, but at my last doctor visit I was 413…sad face. So this is a huge journey and I think I over taxed by going to strict too fast. So here’s my new pledge:

Diet soda

Fast Food

Take Out

Eating out by myself

I want to leave the option of eating out with friends or family, I don’t want to completely limit myself. But I had a bad habit of eating out for both lunch and dinner. Which was terrible for my waist line and even worse for my wallet.

I went to Aldi’s yesterday which is a discount grocery store here in St. Louis, and I walked out with SOOO much food for 106 dollars. And a robot vacuum for $75, but shh that’s my christmas present from my parents.

Stay tuned for what’s on the menu for the rest of the week on my facebook page My Weight Loss Chronicle. Happy Tuesday!

Day 189-Journaling

July 13, 2016 by Staci | 0 comments

I started a journaling project that is supposed to be a year’s worth of prompts, one a week. I have written more than once a week, but I’m okay with that. I’ve tried journaling in the past without prompts just writing what I feel like writing and I always find it difficult what to say, so I’m hoping these prompts help. Here are the prompts that I am using A Year of Journaling: 52 Prompts from The Girl Who Loved to Write. She also has a list of reasons to journal here.

Reason 1: It gives you a chance to write what you want without worrying about grammar or syntax, it’s free writing your thoughts.

Reason 2: It helps you work through things, I mean who hasn’t done a pro-con list?

Reason 3: You can look back on it and see what was good and bad about your life. You can see how much you’ve grown.

Reason 4: Use it to jot down the cute things the kids said. Or a quote you read that really hit home. Things you want to remember.

Reason 5: And lastly there are 0 rules, you write what you want, when you want, and how you want.

I bought my journal for $4 at Wal-Mart, you don’t need anything expensive. I know the cover page is dumb, but I am no artist. That’s the best I can do, seriously only thing I can draw is hexagons (thanks Organic Chemistry).

2016-07-13 05.48.00 2016-07-13 05.48.12

Also I recently moved and the unpacking/painting process has been extremely slow and tedious. But I am please to announce that I have the first room completely unpacked. MY KITCHEN! Having all my dishes and utensils will make cooking and eating healthy so much easier! I weighed in today as well and I am down 6 pounds from my last update, which is great. I’m at 386.6 lbs, I still have a long way to go.

2016-07-12 19.49.51

I have book updates. I just finished Barbara Browning’s I’m Trying to Reach You. It was a unique read, I neither liked nor disliked it, but it had this older female character in the book who pro-ported to be the sister of the actor who voiced Bugs Bunny and she was deaf as could be, and she kept saying, “YA GOTTA SPEAK LOUDAH, MY EAHS AH SHOT!” And in all her parts were shouted and you could hear in your mind’s voice her thick New York accent. I cracked up at her sections, she was the best part of the book.

The next book for the Discourse in a Digital Age book club is Nimona by Noelle Stevenson. It’s a graphic novel and I have never actually read a graphic novel, so we’ll see if I like it our not. And for the book club the current reading is Little Bee by Chris Cleave. Staci Out! (I’ve recently watched Pitch Perfect 2, don’t judge me.)


Day Seven-Lunch and Weigh-In

January 10, 2016 by Staci | 2 Comments

Hope you are enjoying your lazy Sunday,

If you are like me I do most of my eating at work. I used to eat breakfast and lunch at the meal cart in an adjacent building, but it was all terribly unhealthy. Not too mention the money I was spending, nearly $75 a week. Now I take my food with me to work, I’ve been doing it about a month and I don’t even miss the convenience anymore. I’m trying to spread out my eating so I have to bring enough for 2 snacks and lunch. I invested in a big lunchbox, it was $15 at target, worth every cent. It’s big, but not humongous and it keeps everything cold even my apples I eat around 4 pm. Plus it’s cute, it’s got birds and chevrons on it. I also went to dollar tree and invested in A LOT of containers. I spent about 10 bucks and got about 30-40 containers in assorted sizes. I really like the small ones I got they are perfect for many things. I typically use 4 of them a day.

2016-01-05 18.59.51

Since I’m trying to eat good for you low calorie foods, that means I need to eat a lot of them. I need more calories than someone 150 pounds lighter than me. That’s just simple science. And I do eat a couple of things full fat, just because I need the extra fat and calories. I know that sounds counterproductive, but every food group is required. The only food type you can completely cut out of your diet and still be healthy is sweets. We need carbs, we need fat, we need protein, we need vitamins and minerals, and we definitely need water.

2016-01-05 18.59.38

In the above picture from left to right in back is 100% apple juice, P3 protein pack*, lowfat vanilla yogurt, granola, lowfat cottage cheese, peanut butter, a hard-boiled egg, and ranch dressing. From left to right in the front is pretzel sticks, grapes, apples, carrots, and a Starkist lunch to go pack*. Obviously this varies greatly, but this is just an example of what I take to work every day. I usually have leftovers instead of the tuna. The P3 protein pack is made by Lunchables. It has 3 varieties of protein in it (P3 get it?), a meat (ham, chicken or turkey), a nut (peanuts, almonds, cashews, even dark chocolate nut clusters), and a cheese (colby-jack or cheddar). These have been amazing as a snack in the afternoon, the only downside is they are a little pricey for everyday. And the Starkist lunch pack has tuna (pouch or can, I prefer pouch because you don’t have to drain it), crackers, reduced fat mayo, sweet relish, a spoon, a napkin, and a mint. I thought it was funny the first time I opened one that there was a napkin and mint, they really thought of it all. Though the spoon is flimsy, so I don’t use it and I dislike mint so my co-worker gets the mint. She really likes mints though so it works out.

2016-01-08 13.55.34

And the last thing I take with me to work but easily the thing I would miss the most, my reusable water bottle. We have several of these at my house and I love them. I prefer the ones with straws for work especially. The ones that have to be tilted like to leak on me, not a good thing for work. I take one in with me on Monday and then I take it home on Friday to wash it. Right down the hall there is a fridge with an ice-maker and water dispenser. It’s new and so great, because my first 2 weeks at my job I had to take the elevator to the first floor just to use a water fountain that isn’t older than I am.  The old fridge had apparently broken right before I started. I also have my caffeine mug for my tea, just as an aid to the planet so I could stop using the styrofoam cups my work provides for coffee/tea.


Day One: Weigh-In

January 3, 2016 by Staci | 492 Comments

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I started this diet back in November before Thanksgiving, and in the first week I lost 14.6 pounds. YAY! But then Thanksgiving hit and I gained back 4.4 lbs. After that I didn’t weigh in again until just now. Over the holiday season I lost most of that weight back except for about a pound. I started at 392.4 lbs, I know, I know. I feel your judgement through the computer keys. Today I weighed in at 379.4 pounds, so I’ve lost 13.2 pounds so far. I’d say that’s pretty good, for really only trying for a week. Especially since I would have sworn I gained it all back over the holidays.

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Many people are saying new year, new me. But I mean business, I can’t live like this anymore. In November when I started it was because I had gotten some bad news from my doctor. It was no longer a matter of ‘if’ I would get type 2 diabetes. It was ‘when’. So I had to change. I had edema in my legs, the tight skin was itchy. I was miserable. If I put my jeans on first, I cannot put my socks on. I can barely touch my shins when I bend over. I’m in some serious trouble.

download (2)

At my weight, I’m sure a lot of people are wondering why I don’t just have gastric bypass surgery. Well several reasons, I don’t want to take the easy way out. And I don’t want to have to restrict myself EVERY single day to an egg at a time. But also, I can’t afford it. So I am trying to lose weight by diet and exercise. I know this will be a difficult journey, but I’ve had difficult journeys before.

Also I have an incredible support system. My whole family supports me in this and will help me however I need it. My sister in law has also battled with her weight and she lost a lot of weight a couple of years ago. Then she had twins and gained only some of it back. So she’s dieting with me. Plus my father is diabetic, he lost enough weight to not be on medication, but he’s since gained quite a bit back. So he’s dieting with me as well. And since I just got out of grad school and just found a job, I’m not quite on my feet yet so I’m living with him and my mom. So pretty much what I eat he eats (I’m the main chef in our house). And every Sunday we will be having family weigh ins. Accountability is key to a successful diet in my opinion.

Here are the mandatory before pictures. I feel like a teenage girl right now. I just did my hair and makeup solely for a selfie session in the bathroom. In my defense I only took about 8 pictures instead of 25 or something ridiculous. I started to suck in like I normally do for pictures, but I was like nuh uh, this is a before picture, gut out and it makes me cringe.  I usually see before pictures with no makeup, bad hair and a frown. But I have terrible resting b***h face, I hate pictures of myself where I am not smiling. So I wanted pretty pictures even for my before ones. Also side note, I tried the beauty trick were you put your hair in a ponytail and then curl it. SO EASY! I don’t think I’ll ever curl my hair the other way again.

2016-01-03 18.15.292016-01-03 18.41.492016-01-03 18.42.12