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A chronicle of the journey I am taking to become healthy.

Day 347-Knock Off Shepard’s Pie


Tonight I made what my family always called veggie casserole, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized it’s just an easy version of Shepard’s pie.

So here’s how you make it, you take 3 cans of alphabet vegetable soup, mix in 1/2 lb of ground hamburger. Heat in a pot, and then put in a casserole dish. Make instant mashed potatoes, or the real kind, I used instant, remember easy. You put the potatoes over the veggie soup/meat mix, and then top with slices of american cheese and stick under the broiler. I was out, but I usually sprinkle a little paprika on the top.

Now tonight I used off brand soup and potatoes and I was not a fan. So next time I’ll splurge and buy Campbells and Idahoan potatoes. Little runnier than I like so it doesn’t look too good, but it tasted alright. I had another spinach salad with it.

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My name is Staci, I am a chemist by profession. I have focused most of my time on my education and career, so now I'm getting serious about my health.

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