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A chronicle of the journey I am taking to become healthy.



It’s been about a year that I’ve been hovering around 410-415, I know that’s awful. But for a girl that hasn’t been dieting and is known to constantly go up, up, up. That’s progress. And apparently I ballooned in weight a couple of years ago when I was put on a particular medicine and now I’ve been taken off of it and put on one that will help me lose weight. I’m supposed to actually drop rather quickly so we will see.

I’ve been eating a lot better lately since I’ve been poor. 🙂 I decided being a chemist was not my forte that the 9-5 doing the same in day in day out hating what you do was not for me. So I am back in school getting my teaching certificate. Plus here I am back to blogging and I am re-visiting the original goal. But adjusting the timeline a bit. I got rather adventurous the first go around and was going to post every like 2 days. HA! Now I’m going to shoot for a post a week every Friday there will be a post since I have always not done school work on Fridays.

  • Now starting out I will not be cutting out my beloved diet soda, I try to but then I can’t and the whole diet goes with it. So diet soda is limited but not forbidden.
  • Outer rim of grocery store. As much as I can, but for now the plan is EAT AT HOME!
  • Sweets-Those are gone except for special occasions, I can’t have them around they are my kryptonite.

Blogging Challenge:

Week 1: Weigh In and Tips- My weigh in (eeek, though it’ll be stunted until I get below 400 lbs and can use my scale again). Plus weight loss/life tips to help those with issues like mine.

Week 2: New Food and Book Review- Before I had it just fruits and vegetables but that’s rather limiting so I’ll say new foods but it’ll be mostly fruits and veggies. I love reading and though I moved out of the city and can’t be part of my book clubs any more I still want to be an avid reader so each month I’ll pick a book and read it. So right now I’m going to my book shelf and grabbing a book I haven’t read to read. Give me a minute….(jeopardy theme) I pick “The Last Princess“, it’s a dollar tree find, and my last dollar tree find was a little book called PITCH PERFECT! Found it well before the movie was even heard of and this one looked just as good. It has mixed reviews on www.goodreads.com so we shall see.

Week 3: Recipe- I’ll be busting out the cook books and getting recipes from my wonderful friends and family to bring to you guys.

Week 4: Science Friday (I’m a chemistry teacher to be! I need to incorporate more science into my blog!

The Last Princess (Last Princess, #1)

The Challenge

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My name is Staci, I am a chemist by profession. I have focused most of my time on my education and career, so now I'm getting serious about my health.

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